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Instalar driver wifi

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Uso Ubuntu 16.04- 64 bits
El equipo no vino con tarjeta wireless y como notaba que a veces se cortaba la conexión con Internet, opté por comprar un Adaptador Wifi.
Se trata de TL-WN722. Viene con un CD "de instalación". Indica que debe bajarse el driver correspondiente desde un Link. Previamente hubo que buscar qué driver correspondía y es la V2.
Lo bajé, lo descomprimí(según las instrucciones) pero no sé cómo instalarlo.
Hago notar que tengo instalado en mi equipo Windows 7 que no tuvo ningún inconveniente en instalar automáticamente el driver.
Lamentablemente, todavía no he podido instalar el dichoso driver.
En Internet hay soluciones pero no encontré nada específico para este Adaptador.
Podría alguien indicarme los pasos a seguir, lo más claro posible?

Desde ya muchas gracias y saludos
preguntado por veronicab647 (116 puntos) Nov 11, 2017 en Ubuntu - Linux Mint
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You need to reinstall the driver for the wireless card. If you don't have it on a disk, connect to the internet using the ethernet lead and download one.  hope this method work in your case.
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You will be given a rundown of all the ebb and flow Drivers accessible for your tablet show. Select and download the Driver document you require, this is for the most part in zip arrange. In the wake of downloading the document essay writing service | essayChamp, you will then need to unfasten it to access the executable record. Tap on the executable record and take after the on-screen directions to introduce WiFi Drivers
respondido por robschneider (108 puntos) Nov 20, 2017
Thanks for your answer.  I installed the driver already. The Adapter is recognized but I cannot connect it because the password is rejected. I am trying to manage this with Network-Manager but it doesn't works. I will open a new thread about.
Thank you.
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An outdated or defiled wireless driver could keep you from interfacing your PC to the Internet. In the event that the wireless driver is the guilty party, reinstalling it will get you back online in minutes. To start with, download the most recent form of the driver utilizing a wired Internet connection. By then you can securely expel the ebb and flow driver in the Device Manager, enabling you to do a clean installation. cheap dissertation writing service
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Operating system Wi-Fi support is the support in the operating system for Wi-Fi and usually consists of two pieces: driver level support, and configuration and management support. Driver support is usually provided by multiple manufacturers of the chip set hardware or end manufacturers.
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An obsolete or contaminated remote driver could shield you from interfacing your PC to the Internet. If the remote driver is the blameworthy party, reconnecting it will get you back operational in records. Essay Help London, To begin with, take the latest type of the driver using a reinforced Internet association.
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Hey there I introduced another copy of windows xp I got a wifi card which I cannot appear to get the drivers for this happened last time took me ages however I figured out how to do it. I did not utilize any CDs or records to attempt to find the drivers
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respondido por zofiazoey (124 puntos) Ene 26
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respondido por zofiazoey (124 puntos) Ene 26
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