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How to I get to the top of a Search Engine search?

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We just started a small online boutique. What is the best (and cheap/free) way to get our name out. I have heard a lot of advice on here to others to get your site to the top in a search engine search, something about SEO. What does that mean and how do I do that?
preguntado por Wita (104 puntos) Ago 19, 2015 en openSUSE
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One of the best ways to get top SEO rankings is through backlinks. Backlinks are like signs that point to your site from other sites. Using the right keywords, put on the write location on the right webpages, a backlink is like a vote cast in favor of your site. Get backlinks from webpages with high pagerank. The better the quality of the site you are linking from, the better the link. see here
respondido por Hoyew (108 puntos) Ago 19, 2015